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五日市街沿いにあって、小金井公園の手前にある「珈琲館 くすの樹」。前から気になっていたお店。駐車場は30台あり無料。広々としているので駐車も楽々。これはポイントが高い!そして建物は赤レンガ仕立て。外観からして昭和の香りがする(笑)。

This coffee shop, “Kusuno-ki” is located along Itsukaichi road which connects to Tama area and Koganei park is near here. “Kusuno-ki” has a parking where we can park 30 cars. It’s easy to park because of not narrow space. It’s good point. The building is made of Red brick that make traditional Japan.



The signboard shows sweet desert. It was great sunny day so I wanted to have it.




When I come to the entrance, it’s traditional Japanese style of a café as I thought. The first floor is non smoking area. The second floor seems smoking space. We can reserve this entire and one of the closed room if we want.

It was earlier lunchtime in business day. People looks not rush their time and spent enjoy their time.


And for a menu, I was surprised because they has morning set from 9 am to 12:30 pm! This set provides a drink and a morning plate, such as sandwich, salad, wiener, fruits. Surprisingly, it cost only 650 yen! It’s very cheap!



The shop assistants are younger. Although I didn’t feel uncomfortable, they didn’t pay attention well to customer. But that’s fine. It’s not big deal.


The served coffee was great. I want to try other sort of coffee again.


お店情報 (Shop information)

珈琲館 くすの樹
住所:               東京都西東京市新町5-19-10
Tel:                  0422-55-4450
営業時間:     9:00~22:00

Coffee shop “Kusuno-ki”
Location:      5-19-10, Shinmachi, Nishitokyo, Tokyo
Tel:                  0422-55-4450
Open:            9:00~22:00