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I visited Jinbocho in Tokyo. It’s been long time since I came here. I sow new building but some of selling used book shop are opening between new. If I had time to stop by, I’m afraid I didn’t have much time to do it.




My impression of Jinbocho is well-known town as used book shop, curry and tempra (deep fried fish) . I think it could be right. As far as I look for this area, yes, correct. Jinbocho is located at Chiyoda-ku where is center of Tokyo and famous universities are located such as Nihon university, Meiji university and so on. That’s why many of students and scholars visit this area. Also book publishers run their business there.



Why I have an impression of Tempra, I used to work near Jinbocho and visit “Imoya “ where is one of famous Tempra shop and provides cheap, delicious meal. It’s very good restaurant. And for a curry, I don’t remember which shop I visited, but I’m sure here is lots of good curry shop around here. I will come here to have good curry.